Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a poem in responce to poetry blogs i admire that may in some cases be gothic (i will not be checking my spelling)

   a wolf might tare you apart
it also may rescue your child from a fire in whitch you perish
it goes both ways with a wolf
it could eat you or raise your baby
they will say the baby is feril
this is not fair
though it may be ridden with parasites

do you know what i mean?

a wolf may tare you apart
so dont jump over the wall at the zoo
a wolf may steel your baby
so dress them in camo
a wolf may try to look you in the eye
so wear sun glasses
wolves dont eat humans becouls they cant stand to see the light go out in a humans eyes
they somtimes find our women attractive
so keep your woman veiled
dont move to quick or to slow
the wolf in little red riding hood was actualy a person
dont be fooled
a wolf remains on all fours
better to pounce you with
a wolf could fuck your dog but chooses not to
i find this insulting
as i assume all dog lovers do
now you have the facts
i have already printed a similer thing on humans
to be destributed to wolves
i left out anything that they could use against us
more acuretly against me
dont show this to wolves

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